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Tuesday 4 September 2007

UK: Six years' prison for gay HIV-positive 'slave' following rape conviction

This is startlingly similar to a Dutch case that was widely reported in June. This case, in Leighton Buzzard, Hertfordshire, did not receive widespread publicity.

Gay rape gang men jailed

  • Published Date: 04 September 2007
  • Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer
  • Location: Leighton Buzzard
A LEIGHTON man who was part of a gay rape gang has been sent to prison for seven and a half years. Ian Briggs of Manor Court was jailed by a judge at Stafford Crown Court on Friday

The court heard that luxury car hire boss Robert Osbourne drugged teenagers at his home in Rugeley, Staffordshire, and goaded his HIV-positive slave, Stuart Davies, and Briggs to homosexually rape them.

Briggs, 35, admitted two rapes. Davies, 32, admitted one charge of rape and one of attempted rape and was imprisoned for six years.

Osbourne, 42, was convicted at a trial earlier this year when the jury heard how he touted on a gay internet website for "slaves" to do menial chores and be dominated.

Logged chat-room conversations from the site showed Osbourne fantasising about "using an HIV-positive slave to spread a deadly seed and death."

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of nine years.

The three victims were given sedatives by Osbourne, a former hospital anaesthetic technician, and were totally unaware of what had happened to them.

The crimes would never have been discovered but for Davies sending an email to the police and then giving evidence at Osbourne's trial.

It was Davies who responded to the website and went to Osbourne's house in August 2005.

Later the same month, the young men went to Osbourne's house to do paid work for him, but after being plied with drink they were stupefied with sedatives and then subjected to what prosecutor Andrew Lockhart called "shocking sexual practices."

A few weeks later, another teenager, supposedly employed to "car sit", was raped in similar circumstances by Osbourne and photos were taken of it.

Davies became concerned about the increasing level of violence being used in the sexual perversions and told officers that Osbourne would regularly invite young men to do work for him at the house.

He would then ply them with alcohol and give them stupifying drugs which rendered them unconscious and he and his friends would perform sex acts.

Martin Liddiard, for Briggs, said his client had lost his highly responsible job in the business world.

"He was prepared to give his account and assist the court," said Mr Liddiard.
"He participated rather than orchestrated or organised; it wasn't he who contacted the victims to bring them to the house."

Mr Liddiard said Briggs's visit to Rugeley had been pre-arranged and he could not have known that the young men would be there.

Judge Paul Glenn said Osbourne was the instigator of the crimes and encouraged or goaded the others to take part. As well as drugging the young men he plied Briggs and Davies with sex-enhancing substances.
"You were actually fulfilling those fantasies. Davies was your HIV-positive slave," said the Judge.

"It is ironic that you yourself are now HIV-positive."



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